A London Minute: how studying in London can shape the course of your career

When evaluating options to study abroad, London will pop-up more than once. And although it might not be for everyone, we’re sure it’s right for you. But you must be asking yourself right now, why should you study abroad in London? London is a city for the curious, full

4 Reaons to Visit Wales this Winter

“Land of the Summer stars” is how this beautiful country is often referred to, but Winter is the perfect time for exploring. The hills of the Brecon Beacons are even more spectacular in the Autumn light or when dusted with snow and it changes the whole concept of hiking.

40 Free Things To Do In Leeds

As one of the cultural and art centers in Britain, there are many free things to do that involve art, history, fun time, sports, quizzes, walks, music, nature and parks. The list shows 40 different places or suggestions of what to do in Leeds for zero pennies! One can

The Yorkshire region and Leeds’ neighborhood (Part 2)

Harewood The Harewood House is located 8 miles from Leeds and was built in 1771. It was the residence of the Earl of Harewood, and its interior design is by the famous Robert Adam. This fascinating mansion has ceiling paintings and fine wall decorations by Angelika Kauffmann, some interesting

The Yorkshire region and Leeds’ neighborhood (Part 1)

Bradford The center of the wool industry in Britain and nine miles away, Bradford, is west of Leeds. Its attractions include the 15th century Bradford Cathedral, Bolling Hall and the National Media Museum. It is a host of many major and minor events throughout the year. The most important

The Top 10 sights in Leeds (Part 2)

6. The Royal Armouries The Royal Armouries are a national museum of Britain, with more than 8,500 items in five galleries. Armours displayed cover a period through 3,000 years – definitely a must-see. One can also visit the Thackray Medical Museum, which has a collection of more than 20,000

The Top 10 sights in Leeds (Part 1)

1. Civic Quarter The City Square is the pedestrian area of Leeds and is famous for its Black Prince and James Watt’s sculptures, as many, many others. Joseph Priestley Church, the Town Hall, Victoria Hall, Leeds Civic Hall are just some of the worth visiting attractions. Also, Leeds Art

Art Galleries in Leeds

The list of all recommended galleries in Leeds, for all art enthusiasts: PATRICK STUDIOS AT EAST STREET ART It provides 34 studio spaces and its projects include exhibitions, commissions, exchanges and publications. ULITA This archive collects and preserves textiles and related items of the world for researches and public.

The Economy of Leeds

The city of Leeds has a quite diverse economy, where employment in the modern service sector is exceeding that in manufacturing industries, which are considered to be more traditional. Around 24,7% employees work in public administration, health and education. 23,9% employees work in banking, insurance and finance sectors. 21,4%

A Brief Timeline of Leeds

1086 – Leeds is a small village with around 200 people 1207 – Maurice De Gant (Lord of the Manor) makes Leeds a tiny market town 1300 – 1,000 people inhabitants Leeds 1552 – the first grammar school in Leeds 1600 – 3,000 people inhabit Leeds 1626 – first