A London Minute: how studying in London can shape the course of your career

When evaluating options to study abroad, London will pop-up more than once. And although it might not be for everyone, we’re sure it’s right for you. But you must be asking yourself right now, why should you study abroad in London? London is a city for the curious, full of surprises at every corner, and living history. It is the place where the bright and talented go to change the world and being around such people will inspire you in unforeseeable ways – so you too can change it. It’s where the future merges with the past giving way to creativity to shape the present. It is no wonder that many innovative companies go to London in search of talented young people to bring onboard – people just like you.

Being a world hub of culture and finance, London is at the forefront of education, and schools tailor their curriculums continuously so their students will learn what they need to succeed in the real world; not only that, they also make sure you receive a well-rounded education – teaching you skills and lessons you will carry with you wherever you go next. Plus, it is one of the highest regarded cities in terms of academic standards, a point that will be key in unlocking professional opportunities for you once you finish your studies. Every year London welcomes students from all around the world, so you will find your home away from home in a heartbeat. It is also a fun, vibrant city, where serendipity is almost waiting to happen.