The Yorkshire region and Leeds’ neighborhood (Part 1)


The center of the wool industry in Britain and nine miles away, Bradford, is west of Leeds. Its attractions include the 15th century Bradford Cathedral, Bolling Hall and the National Media Museum. It is a host of many major and minor events throughout the year. The most important event is the ethnic Bradford Festival, which takes place in June and is a mix of traditional dance, musical and theatrical performances.

  • The Bradford Industrial Museum

the-bradford-industrial-museumAt this amazingly interesting museum, the Bradford Industrial Museum, you will discover and find out how Victorian working mill life was. Its historic machinery for textile is opened and operated daily and there is a collection of oldish vintage vehicles. There are also well preserved cottages, where workers lived, and the mill owner’s fascinating house, that should be explored.

  • The Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Elegant and unique Baroque style art gallery, The Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, was built in 1904. It has various British art works and contemporary prints by British and European masters from the 19th and 20th century. The gallery’s collection has four permanent exhibitions, that include modern and contemporary prints, crafts and art from South Asia.

  • The National Media Museum

More than three million items from TV, radio and the world of new media holding a cultural, social and historical value are featured in the National Media Museum. It is considered to be a home to the National Photography of the United Kingdom, National Television, National New media collections and BBC. The museum visitors are able to watch researchers and presenters in action.

Hardcastle Crags

The 400-acre and wooded valley, Hardcastle Crags, connects with the Pennine Way. Crags is a home to the hairy and wood ants, whose intimidating anthills are basically scattered all over the valley. The main characteristics of the valley are its rocky and deep ravines, streams and natural historical beauties.